Power Technologies AC-MINI-12 12 Bay Full-Featured Charging Cabinet 220V

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Designed to charge and secure up to 12 Chromebooks or tablets.

Charges 12 devices, Basic Charging, Locked & secure.

AC-MINI™ charging cabinet

With some of the most versatile, configurable and durable device management products in the industry, we have built our reputation on providing high quality solutions with class-leading features like full metal construction, removable device dividers and a lifetime frame warranty.

Fast setup

Secure locking power adapter area lets you set up your devices quickly.

Cable management simplified

With integrated cable management, cables stay where they belong.

Identification made easy

Numbered shelf strips makes identifying devices easy as 1-2-3.

Setup simplified

With it’s separate keyed secure power adapter storage area on the top of the cabinet, setting up your device’s AC adapters has never been easier. Just place your AC adapters in the top area, drop cables through the slots and plug them in.

Charging made easy

Just plug the AC-MINI™ into an electrical outlet and start charging your devices. It’s that simple!

12 Devices at 1.18"
Adjustable to 17"
Shelf Width
8 Devices at 1.85"
Shelf Height
Exterior Dimensions
16" H x 24.5" W x 17.7" D
Product Weight
59 lbs
Shipping Weight
62 lbs
Maximum Device Dimensions
10.8" x 17.7"

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